The ultimate golf gift for the drinkers in your life.

The one and only Martini Golf Ball. If you need a golf gift, this is your hole-in-one.

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What is it?

The Martini Golf Ball

The iconic cocktail has finally met it's match! The Martini Golf Ball is the gift for the golfer who appreciates the finer things and sometimes relies on the mercy of the “19th hole”. It is intended for display on a desk, shelf or wet bar. The custom 12 oz. martini glass is hand made and dishwasher safe. The “garnish” in this unique conversation piece is a real golf ball that has been machined to look like a pimento stuffed olive, skewered by a custom bamboo golf tee with an image of a martini right on top.  

The Martini Golf Ball is the ultimate stocking stuffer for this holiday season.

This is an excellent item for an outing prize, groomsman gifts, even golf event centerpieces. You will make a great impression with this one of a kind conversation piece.


I love the item and know it will be well received. I am using them for two will be a martini madness night and one will be for a Greek themed event as the menu will involve a lot of olives. Your glass and olive ball should be on the bars at every golf club and in the beautiful homes of golfers on their bars as well. It is a great gift. -Susan, NY